We are a leading financial global technology firm, founded by engineers, researchers and financial market analysts.

Photo of Javier Rodriguez, CEO

Javier Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

Javier has been an active crypto investor, trader and miner ever since the world-changing Satoshi whitepaper was first released. Aside from a rock-solid expertise in crypto ecosystems, he also brings to the table rich experience from his career in business development, along with marketing and communications. Javier has unwavering faith that the promise cryptocurrencies and its technology bring, will make the world a better place.

Photo of Oleg Sokolov

Oleg Sokolov

Chief Technology Officer

Oleg is an industry solutions architect whose methodical approach to execution has led his teams towards success for over a decade. In the name of minimizing latency and maximizing resource efficiency, he has been passionately driven on the forefront of emerging technologies all throughout his career. With his proficiency in Blockchain’s inner workings, coupled with his leadership experience in Tech, Oleg works to realize Cryptzo’s vision to solve real-world problems and further technological advancement for mankind.

Photo of Alex Milakov

Alex Milakov

Head of Marketing & PR

A seasoned strategist marketing and public relations campaigns, Alex brings rich experience and war stories from the sides of both agency-side and in-house. He is all about spreading awareness, positive reception and conversion rates. As a strong advocate for Cryptzo’s cause, he has strongly committed to succeeding in the biggest challenge of his career yet: Spreading awareness and adoption of crytocurrency that will change the world as we know it!