We are Cryptzo

Emerging Market

The last Global Financial Crisis taught us that many financial products have become increasingly correlated, leading to a growing vulnerability when it comes to systemic risk. We needed the best way to deliver returns that are minimally impacted by such risks. On our quest in diversification, we found that the answer lies in the cryptocurrency space. We decided to invest in the opportunities that this emerging market brings.

Cryptzo has always taken a criteria - based approach to trading opportunities. As more cryptocurrency products emerge, we expect to be more actively involved…

Javier Rodriguez, CEO

Our Background

Initially a cryptocurrency arbitrage firm, we leveraged on spread differentials across various cryptocurrency exchanges for capital gains. We are currently building an intuitive platform that equips our clients with the necessary tools and features to navigate through the volatile cryptocurrency market. In addition, it shall include information streams, services and investment strategies needed to be the one stop shop for optimal cryptocurrency arbitrage.

As the cryptocurrency market exploded in growth, we then saw the strong potential of certain technologies, and have since decided to get directly involved in making Crypto better for the world.

Today, supported by a team of world class crypto advocates, our development of a robust infrastructure ensures seamless delivery of performance throughout the trading cycle.